Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Editify?

Having an online store is both fun and stressful. Taking orders and fulfilling them can be so rewarding, however,  when customers start calling or sending emails in order to have their orders modified, real stress could set in. Customers wanting to add more products to their original order, some want to modify the quantity or their shipping addresses, and so on. All happening just when you have each and every order sorted out and organized. Really, who needs the stress? Editify is an app that makes your business life easier. It makes editing orders easy and manageable, with just a few clicks here and there, your working hours will be cut in half.

Q2: What information can I edit in the order details page using Editify?

You can edit the quantity of the orders, you can add or remove items, tax, or shipping fees, you can enter additional details, add or remove note attributes, remove transactions, and override the default settings. To learn more, click here.

Q3. If I ordered a pair of shoes and I want to change the size, can I do that using Editify?

Yes, you can. The available sizes are indicated in each product and are not set separately but in case you need to change the size, you can just totally delete the item and replace it with the same item but with the correct size that you want.

Q4. Can I send a Payment Request to the customer using Editify?

Absolutely! Sending a payment request for any outstanding amount on the customer's account is easy. To learn more about this, click here.

Q5: What happens to the original order after my edits?

As soon as you are done editing an order, the original order will then be canceled. This feature prevents having order duplicates, at the same time, keeps track of the inventory of the store correctly. This feature is enabled by default, however, you can disable it if you wish to. Click here to learn more.

Q6: Can you edit a draft order?

No, if the order has not been created by Shopify yet. We recommend editing the draft order directly from your Shopify admin.

Q7: Can a customer be double-charged?

No, absolutely not. The app does not have the ability to charge a customer.

Q8: When editing an order and there are changes in the amount of purchase, how can I process the adjustment?

If there are additional charges for your customer after modifying an order, the payment adjustment must be made manually through your payment gateway and then marked as paid in Shopify.  

Q9: Can I add notes to any order that I edited?

Yes, you can. Notes are important and adding them to any order is possible.

Q10: Will the customer be notified that his orders are modified or edited?

Yes, you can set the app to send an email to the customer to confirm his order as soon as it is already modified. To learn how to do this, click here.

Q11: Will sales reporting be affected when orders are edited?

Since we have no control over Shopify's reporting system, there is a slight effect on your sales reporting when editing an order. If this becomes possible in the future, it will be added right away.