Editing an order

Editify is an app that intends to give you more time doing things that you love to do, and not spending most of it facing your inventory and order forms in your online store doing manual modifications. By using this app, editing orders will be easier and faster, cutting down your work into more than half the time. Let's take a few examples and demonstrate the different ways we can edit an order using Editify.  All of these examples can be tested out using our demo .
  • Editing a quantity
  • Adding and removing items
  • Adding and removing tax and shipping lines
  • Editing addresses
  • Editing general order details

Editing a quantity

Step1. Go to the order details page of the order you would like to edit and select Editify from the drop-down menu in More actions.

Step2. Once inside Editify, edit the Qty field for the specified order. In this example, we simply change the quantity of our product from 5 to 7 and hit Update Order in the top right-hand corner of the screen. A new order is created with a new outstanding amount of $43.98.

Step3. We then create a Payment Request for the additional amount of $43.98 through our payment gateway or any other manual method. Further details on that here.

Step4. We then mark the order as paid and it appears as having been fully paid.

We can now see that the original order(s) has been canceled and edited and a new order with the most updated order details has been created.

Adding and removing items

Once inside Editify, click the Add items to this order button. You will then have an option to search for an existing product variant to add to the order or create a custom item.

Adding and removing tax and shipping lines

You can add, edit, or delete tax and shipping lines for an existing order. To edit any of these items, simply click on the link to what you would like to edit or click the Edit line items button.

Editing addresses

You can edit the shipping or billing address of an existing order by clicking Edit Address beside either the Shipping Address or Billing Address section. It is also possible to edit the customers' email for the order.