Canceled orders' effect on your Shopify reports

Whenever Editify edits an order - by default, the original order will be canceled and a new order will be created. This helps your store's inventory and gets it updated at any given time. While having this feature may be a big help to your store's monitoring of stocks, it seems to create a conflict with Shopify's Analytics and Reporting. When you generate a report from Shopify, it automatically adds up an order's total amount even if it has been edited and the original order has been canceled, resulting in doubled sales figures. This may create confusion on the reports and may give you the wrong numbers.

In the sample report below, we can see the summary of orders that have been edited which supposedly will have a total sales amount of €460. However, it shows €690.00 since the report included the amount on the orders that have been canceled.

What to do?

While this issue is inevitable between Shopify and our app, there is something you can do as a workaround to avoid the inconvenience. You can filter out all canceled orders when generating the reports to come up with the correct figures.

How to do it?

Follow the simple steps below to filter out all canceled orders and generate the accurate sales report.

1. On your Shopify admin page, go to Analytics.

2. Click View report in the Total sales section.

3. Scroll down and click Manage Filters.

4. In the pop-up box, click the drop-down arrow on Select filter and choose Canceled is.

5. Choose No in the next field and then click Apply filters.

When you view the dashboard, it will now give you the accurate figures for the sales report.