Payment gateways

A payment gateway is a service that authorizes card transactions or direct payments from your customers to your online business. You can set up different payment gateways within to make your store more flexible in payment terms and allow your customers more options to pay for their orders. Below are the various examples:

1. Shopify payments - this payment allows your customers to transact within Shopify using their credit cards.

2. PayPal - a known payment gateway that allows customers to pay using their balance within their PayPal accounts.

2. Third Party Providers - allows the customers to pay using external providers that are available in their region/country such as ePay, PaymentExpress, etc.

3. Alternative Payment Providers - allows you to include additional payment methods for your customers that are not only limited to their region/country such as BitPay, QuickPay, etc.

4. Manual Payment Method - allows you to add payment methods manually for Bank deposits, Cash On Delivery (COD), and Money Order.