How does Editify Handle Refunds

Sometimes when editing orders there will be occasions when a customer is due either a full or partial refund on the order.

When this is the case, the app will show the following notice:

1. When the order update is confirmed - we edit the order and send a request to Shopify via the Shopify API to refund the amount to the customer.

2. After Editify sends the refund request to Shopify - we check and confirm that all requests have been successfully received.

3. I'm afraid at this stage - we trust that the refund is processed. The refunds will fall under Shopify's refund policy as detailed here. Please note funds are refunded on average within a 3-5 day timeframe.

Technical Details:

This section is purely to be transparent about how we process refunds using the Shopify API. This section requires some knowledge of programming, please feel free to skip ahead if necessary :) 

We cancel the order by sending an API request to Shopify's orders cancel endpoint. We send the amount that should be refunded. 

Next Steps:

We are eager to ensure refunds are processed correctly once we send our API requests to the Shopify API. We will be researching and hopefully introducing an updated process on how this can be achieved.