What does Editify do to the total amount of an order after it is edited?

Handling orders from customers and editing them, especially if they are too many, can be very stressful and exhausting. You never know when and where issues will come up, which is a common problem that store owners and attendants are struggling to fix every day.

The solution?

Using Editify is a wise decision that no one can argue about. It allows you to easily modify orders according to the customer's wishes and automatically adjusts the amount of an order after it has been edited. No need to manually cancel orders and create new ones and then start from scratch all over again.  

What happens to the order total after the order was edited?

  • If the new order total is lower than the amount the customer has paid, a refund will be processed for the excess amount
  • If the new order total is higher than the amount the customer has paid, a payment request will be processed for the outstanding balance.
  • If the new order total is the same amount as the original order, the app will automatically apply it to the new order so you do not have to do anything.

Here's how it goes when processing a refund

1. Open the order that you want to edit and click on the X button beside the item that has to be removed from the order.

2. Once the item is deleted, scroll down and check the amount in the Refund section. It should show the amount of the item that has been removed.

3. Click Update Order.

4. Click Ok.

The refunded amount will now reflect on the order page.

Here's how it goes when processing a Payment Request

1. Go to the order page and edit the order through the app. In this example, we will add another pair of shoes to the original order.

You will notice that the Outstanding Amount below the Total amount of the order will automatically adjust and display the amount that the customer needs to pay.

2. Click Update Order.

3. Click Ok.

4. When you go back to the order page, click the  More actions drop-down menu and choose Send Payment Request.

5. Enter the email address of the customer and click Send Payment Request.

Note: The email message is provided by default but you can edit it and make your own personalized message if you prefer.

Here's what happens if the order amount is the same

In this example, we are going to replace the item with another that has the same amount.

1. Open the order and click the X button beside the item to remove it. 

2. Click Add items to this order.

3. Choose the new item to add.

4. Click Update Order.

The order is now updated.